Ahold Profiles Private Label Suppliers With “Fresh Stories” Videos

Ahold USA Brands  launched a  YouTube video campaign, “Fresh Stories” which profiles  some of their Private Label suppliers.

Each of the documentary videos, which were produced by agency Viscul Creative, features producers talking about how their businesses started and how they’re supplying Ahold’s stores. During the past year, the work has garnered nine awards from regional, national and international organizations.

The series, created in an effort to provide meaningful, transparent information to customers about the food they purchase, contains a library of more than 30  videos about fresh product suppliers that have been viewed over 15 million times this year alone.  As an example, “True North Salmon: A Partnership for Sustainable Seafood” has been viewed over 200,000 times.

Fresh Stories is part of a larger digital effort by Ahold.

Their digital growth strategies include significant investments in new digital tools including relevant digital coupons, new websites, mobile app improvements, and a new recipe center. “Putting the customer first is our brands’ top priority, and part of that means providing easy to use digital solutions to help her save time and money,” said Matt Simon, vice president of loyalty and digital marketing.

With a total of more than 1 million followers for AUSA brands across social media, each brand has also expanded its social media presence by recently launching on Instagram.

The Ahold digital experience includes its shopper loyalty program. The “Load to Card” programs directly load digital coupons to loyalty cards. The Load to Card program, including bonus week events, has generated a total of over 174 million digital coupon activations in 2017 to date at Ahold USA brands, which is a 179% increase vs YAG.

Fresh Stories videos include:

Fresh Stories- Blount Fine Foods 

Fresh Stories- Kerrygold

Fresh Stories- Vermont Goat Cheese

Fresh Stories- Driscoll’s  Berries

Fresh Stories- The Lobster Trap Co.

Fresh Stories- Vermont Creamery

Fresh Stories- Taylor Farms

Fresh Stories- Scallops Cape May, NJ

Fresh Stories- David’s Cookies



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