Amazon Acquires Body Labs is reporting that Amazon has acquired Body Labs a 3D body scanning company.


Amazon carries on marching on to become the leading eCommerce retailer with its acquisition of Body Labs. Body Labs is a startup based in New York that offers 3D body scans.

These scans can then be used in such applications such as virtually trying out clothes or creating realistic avatars for gaming.

There aren’t any reports as to how much Amazon has acquired Body Labs, but there are some speculations that it could be between $50 million to $70 million.

Body Labs also makes software that captures shape and motion in 3D and then sell these software to other businesses.

Why would Amazon acquire Body Labs?

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There has been much speculation that Amazon wants to become an online fashion powerhouse, and getting Body Labs would be step in that direction. Already Amazon has built up its online fashion presence with its in-house apparel lines such as the Echo Look and it’s private label brands like Lark & Ro.

While this has become news for eCommerce, Amazon so far has not commented about it. Body Labs’ site though has confirmed it, with a note saying that it “looks forward to innovating on behalf of customers.”

While Body Labs does create software for 3D body modelling, it is not yet clear what its role would be in Amazon’s plans. Its software though could be used by customers to virtually try out clothes before buying, which would lessen incorrect sizes being delivered.

This would then in turn also lessen shipping expenses for Amazon. Aside from that, having customers virtually try clothes out would let them see if it would look good on them.

With Amazon expanding in to different areas, it is poised to remain as one of the worlds largest eCommerce retailers. Already it has also expanded into different territories, and is very much ahead of its next rival, eBay. It will take much for other online retailers to catch up with Amazon then.


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