Cat Insight – Salty Snacks


As tracked by IRi,   Salty Snack are a mega category racking up over $17 Billion in annual sales, second  in dollar size only to carbonated beverages.

The annual  category  growth was 3.1%.

Private Label products have a 6.2% dollar share overall,  increased at twice the category rate and varies widely by sub-category.

The  largest sub categories include Potato Chips ($5.7 Billion),  Tortilla/Tostada Chips ($4.1 Billion) and Cheese Snacks ($1.4 Billion).

On the Private Label side, two subcategories demonstrated strong  growthRTE Popcorn/Carmel Corn (+ 23%), and Tortilla/Tostada Chips (+ 17%).


Drivers of this indulgence category are new favors, positive health perceptions, and packaging convenience according to an April 2016 Lightspeed GMI/Mintel study on this category.

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