A Dive Inside AmazonBasics

OneClick Retail took a look inside AmazonBasics, Amazon’s strong  Private Label brand. Their research indicated that the AmazonBasics lines accounted for 85% of Amazon’s Private Label sales. The remaining 15% is divided among 45 Amazon Private Label brands including its apparel label brands like Lark & Ro, Amazon Essentials, Buttoned Down, Mae, and Goodthreads. These other Amazon Private Label brands often see their sales drop when an AmazonBasics product is introduced in their category as a competitor.

The AmazonBasics  name is so strong it is the #3 selling brand on Amazon, with YTD sales of over $250M

The AmazonBasics brand does well among a significant number of  individual categories including Electronics and Wireless where it ranks #4 in YTD sales in both.

Nineteen of the top 20 bestselling private brand items on Amazon.com fall under the AmazonBasics label, including Apple Lighting cables, batteries and paper shredders.

According to the OneClickRetail article  at the end of August, Amazon made over 2000 Whole Foods items available in the marketplace (initially in the U.S. alone), which resulted in an unprecedented $500,000 in sales in a single week. 96% of sales took place through Prime Pantry, Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.

In addition to revenue, Amazon has access to the biggest collection of eCommerce consumer behavioral data in the western world and the resources to produce nearly 50 labels (and counting).  It will be interesting to see how the Amazon Basics brand continues to grow.

For more details on AmazonBasics international sales and for access to the original article click here

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