Three Surprising Lidl Survey Findings

Consulting company Oliver Wyman conducted a pre and post  Lidl opening  survey of grocery shoppers in Lidl markets.  In reviewing this study we feel there were three surprising findings.


1) Lidl’s appeal is broad regarding the shopping experience

Source: Oliver Wyman

Lidl’s shopping experience  is rated as good or superior compared to other competitors in the area regarding value, service & ease of shopping, freshness and Private Brands.  It’s only weakness – Assortment- was evident in only two cases and was deemed superior vs. some other discounters.

2) Lidl is attracting shoppers from a broad range of nearby supermarkets

Source: Oliver Wyman

Consumers that shop at Lidl include the loyal customers of a broad range of grocers. Lidl not only attracts other discounters’ clientele, but also loyal customers of national chains such as Walmart, Kroger and regional grocers such as Food Lion and Publix.

3) Lidl is appealing to customers in all income levels

Source: Oliver Wyman

The Lidl customer profile is very similar to those of the average shopper and slightly more upscale compared to those of local discounters.

Private Label Retailer asked one of the studies authors for a comment on Lidl’s impact on the Private Label field. She replied –

“Lidl will be additive to the growing trend private brands in the US where big moves were made recently by Amazon/Whole Foods, Kroger, and Walmart.

Lidl offers high quality products at lower price point than their competitors – this is a formula that works very well for them and consumers in other countries. As one of the world’s largest private brand manufacturers, they are able to control recipes, product quality and price.

We also believe Lidl might set new operational standards for the industry. Besides the good price-quality perception, they think about private brands holistically across the entire supply chain.

All of their private brands fulfill lean operational requirements that allow minimum effort to handle those products in stores and warehouses (e.g. by using shelf ready packaging and applying bar codes on every side of the package to quicken the pace of checkout).” – Tanja Ebner


About the study: Oliver Wyman conducted an online survey of more than 500 consumers in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina about Lidl before it opened stores in the US. After two months of the shopping experience, they conducted a follow up by surveying more than 300 actual Lidl shoppers, as well as almost 2,000 other shoppers from the same states.