Retailers Expand Private Brands to Build Customer Loyalty

A recent cover story in Brand Packaging Magazine offers 5 trends in Private Label packaging.


1. Massive use of color.

For a long time colors such as black and purple were invoked to imply a premium product. Now, brands are using more white. It no longer implies a cheap product, says Gobbi. Eyes are drawn to white packaging as they look down the aisle. Rich colors also are being applied to specialty products.

2. Typography

Fonts that look like they are handwritten suggest authenticity. It may make the package look the product’s story is being told by the farmer who produces the food.

3. Simplicity

Reduce multiple messages and “flags” on the packaging. Designers used to have the packaging looking like a race car covered in tags. Now, clean labels with a simple message and reduced number of ingredients are in vogue. Generic words that many brands use—like “value” and “natural”—just confuse customers.

4. Active packaging

With increased regulations demanding more space for items such as nutrition labeling, designers are looking for ways to move space-hogging messaging off the packaging to online resources, such as digital watermarking.

5. Creating an iconic look

Many brands are trying to create the look that makes the brand as identifiable as the product. Apple’s packaging is a prime example. As Gobbi says, “If you can make it to that level, you’ve won the customer.”